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Sarah Mills – my story

I help growing companies to build Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategies and leaders’ capabilities to help the business to grow and succeed.

This is my story.
When I was 8 years old, my mother showed me a book called “Shoulder to Shoulder”, by Midge Mackenzie. It was a history of the suffragettes who had fought (and some died) for the right for women to vote.

I was astounded to learn at such a young age that the adult world was unfair: “What do you mean women didn’t have the right to vote?!”

From that I recognised my strong value for fairness, and I knew I wanted to work in roles that made a positive impact for people.

I have worked for more than 20 years in HR and DEI in global organisations, ensuring that my HR and DEI “tools” provided business-focused solutions. A Director at Johnson Matthey who I worked with for many years said, “I have always found her willingness to look for the right solution refreshing”.

I am now a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion specialist, providing freelance support to growing organisations. I bring my passion for fairness and equity, my commercial experience and my practical approach, to how I provide DEI support.

You might be one of those growing organisations. You might want to build a diverse, inclusive and equitable culture, but not all organisations have the internal resources to be able to drive those activities: people, time, focus.

That’s where I come in. As I work with you, I start by understanding what drives success in your business. A key driver of business success is when employees are able to thrive, develop and contribute to the full extent of their ability: allowing them to innovate, to collaborate, to find solutions. So, employees are happy, and the business is happy too.

I bring the objective view, so that together we can build evidence-based strategies for action, perhaps starting with a maturity audit – a DEI Healthcheck – so you can see where to focus, to have the biggest impact. That could be growth; and recruiting diverse talent, or it could be to build the inclusion and engagement of your existing workforce.


Additionally, I am a trained coach and an experienced trainer, so I can support your leadership team and managers on this journey by delivering development and training programmes tailored to fit your organisation.

I stand out from many of my DEI specialist counterparts, having led DEI activities in global companies. I know what works and what doesn’t in various country contexts, and the complexities of managing DEI on a global scale.  I have a Masters degree in International HR and have lived in both Japan and the Netherlands, so my insights are both professional and personal. After all I’m human too!

I also love learning and working collaboratively, and as the DEI specialist partner for your organisation, I want to work with you so that we create the world of work as it should be.

If we sound like the kind of company you’d like to work with

As a leader,

why should you care about DEI?

It's the right thing to do:

Businesses and leaders are increasingly being urged to be more inclusive, embrace diverse perspectives and take a stand
on social justice. Talent and customers are flocking to the people and businesses that are getting it right.

It’s profitable:

McKinsey research highlights that organisations with fewer than 20% of women at exec level reported decline, flat or slow profitability. Their research showed a 48% difference in business performance between the most and least gender-diverse companies.

It drives innovation:

Research by Forbes shows that diverse and inclusive teams make better business decisions 87% of the time. When you think about it, it’s not rocket science. A diverse group of people will bring a diversity of skills and experiences, different perspectives, and collectively, better problem solving and more ideas.

Attract talent:

Job seekers are looking for diverse workplaces. In today’s competitive recruitment market organisations need to work hard to attract the best candidates. And candidates are considering organisational culture more than ever before. 83% of Gen Z candidates state that a company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is important when choosing an employer.

About our company

Experience of leading DEI in global organisations for more than 20 years

Passionate about fairness and equity, and at the same time also passionate about supporting business success

Knowledgeable about DEI and HR in the complex global context


Always worked closely with key stakeholders: Leaders, HR and Management teams, working hand in hand

Now prefer to work with growing small to medium sized organisations where I can help to make a difference to the success of the business

How do I work with you?

Starting with really understanding your business and HR and DEI challenges, and your aspirations
Agreeing and delivering what you need: strategy, metrics, survey tools, development workshops or coaching. Updates and follow up as appropriate.
All elements of the design, and the review of the outcomes conducted in close partnership with you


Registered address: Global and Inclusive Ltd, Blackthorn Grove, Milton Keynes MK17 8PZ