Managing Globally, Effectively

Do you need to manage international teams?

As organisations expand to new countries, leaders & managers may have direct reports in different countries. This can bring many challenges! We offer offer workshops to build the capability of Managers to manage international teams for an effective global business.

Challenges to be aware of:

  • Language barriers (comprehension, different use of some words)
  • Different expectations of how the work should be done (attitudes to deadlines, for example)
  • Different expectations of leadership (how closely people expect to be managed, when they need to check progress) and how decisions are made
  • Timezone challenges
  • Differences in terms and conditions of employment such as working hours (do you routinely work on Saturdays?) or time off (paid or unpaid?)
  • Public holiday clashes (have you ever tried to progress a multi-country project in Europe in May? Or in August…?!)

If managing people across international borders is a challenge for your organisation

Global Leaders and  Managers Workshops

Workshops provide frameworks and practical hints and tips that you can apply immediately.

Workshops cover:

  • The globalising world – practical implications for managing people across borders
  • Understanding culture and cultural differences
  • How does culture difference impact how we work?
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Decision-making
  • The Culture Map – dimensions and resources
  • Building CQ: Cultural Intelligence
  • How to keep employees engaged and included when they are working remotely

If managing people across international borders is a challenge for your organization.