DEI Healthcheck

We help you to diagnose your organisation’s challenges around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and provide solutions to suit your individual needs.

  • Would you like to take action on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion but are not sure where to focus?
  • Is your company growing? Do you want to attract the widest possible pool of great talent to your business? And to encourage them to work for you?
  • Do you want to create a culture in your organisation where your current employees are engaged and enthusiastic, really thriving at work and helping your business to grow and succeed?


If you are just embarking on your DEI activity,
a DEI Healthcheck can help you create your DEI strategy and prioritise what to do first

If you are already on your DEI journey, an objective review using a DEI Healthcheck can identify where to focus next to have the biggest impact for your business

If you’d like a DEI Healthcheck for your organisation:

Healthcheck; what happens

  • We review relevant documents and data and interview key people in your organization, to understand the status quo
  • We then analyse your status quo, using the framework of the Global Diversity Equity and Inclusion Benchmark
  • We provide you with a report which identifies your maturity level per topic and theme and suggests possible priorities for action
  • We hold a feedback discussion with your HR and Leadership team

The Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Benchmark was created by a team of more than 100 DEI experts.

It provides a robust framework to assess an organisation’s maturity in DEI.

How can a DEI healthcheck help you?

  • The Healthcheck provides you with an audit of your policies, training, data etc to show your baseline maturity level with DEI
  • Objectively identifies gaps regarding compliance with legislation and hence avoiding risk to your business
  • Using an experienced consultant ensures that you can focus your efforts where it will have the most impact for your business
  • Provides input to a DEI strategy
  • Shows your employees that you are serious to take action
  • Supports your strategic narrative to help build the kind of company you aspire to be

If you think a DEI Healthcheck would help your organisation: